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Take Ownership of your ACC

We have developed a quick and easy way to check your ACC. Our systems provide you with the confidence to take ownership of your ACC.

ACC Levy Refund Service

Our specialised ACC levy refund service identifies and recovers legitimate ACC levy refunds due to you. So far, we have reviewed over 40,000 ACC accounts reviewed, and have recovered over $8,000,000 of ACC levy refunds dating back to 2002 in overcharged ACC levies.

No Success No Fee – If we can’t find you an ACC levy refund, there is no fee to you – you can have your ACC account checked for free.

ACC Management, Administration & Technical Support

Our ACC management and support services provides regular reviews of your ACC accounts to ensure ACC invoicing accuracy. We also have an ACC technical support service to assist you with those annoying queries about ACC to reduce the cost of ACC compliance.

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