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Frequently asked questions

My ACC Refund

  • Why?

    Most of the time your ACC invoices will have been correctly issued. However, ACC can get it wrong. Because we can analyse historic invoice from 2002 to current, your chances of a refund are good. There are a variety of factors that can result in you having overpaid your ACC. We are specialists at analysing information that ACC holds to determine if you’re owed a refund.

  • How?

    Claiming your ACC refund is simple! All we need is your IRD# so we can validate your ACC account, and a few other details. We do the hard work and let you know if you have a refund owing from ACC or not.

  • When?

    If you are due a refund – you will receive a cheque & supporting ACC documentation in the mail within 6-10 weeks after signing up. If your invoicing has been accurately calculated and no refund is due we will advise via email.

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• If we require any further information from you, we will communicate via email to keep the process efficient
• All personal information is stored securely in a bespoke software system which is two-factor authentication protected. All information we collect from you is subject to strict confidentiality and will never be disclosed to any other parties.
• No review conducted by us will ever result in additional ACC invoicing costs.
• We only ever have access to your ACC invoicing information during our review. We will not have access to claims or any related medical information.

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