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Frequently asked questions

My ACC Refund

  • Who may be eligible for a refund?

    If you have ever been self-employed or a business owner from 2002 till now you may be owed a refund. If you have ceased to trade or taken a break during the last 18 years it's even more likely.

  • How do you assess if I am eligible for a refund?

    We have designed a bespoke software to assist in all invoice reviewing and we handle the entire refund process for you. Too easy!

  • Will this cost me money?

    No way! No review conducted by us will ever result in additional ACC invoicing costs, that’s our promise to you.

  • Are you associated with ACC?

    We work independently from ACC so we can ensure invoicing accuracy. In the world we live in, the hardest thing is getting people to believe that they may be due a legitimate ACC levy refund, but we know from our experience that absolutely YOU can!

  • Can I contact ACC and enquire about a refund on my own?

    Yes, but we make it easy. Navigating the ACC refund policy is a job in itself, so we do the hard work for you, so you can get back to focusing on your business.

  • Is this a scam?

    No. Sometimes ACC makes mistakes when processing refunds. We’re a third-party business who have reviewed thousands of ACC accounts resulting in $8 million in refunds back to Kiwis. Check out our Success Stories to hear more.

  • IRD says be careful who you give your IRD number to, is it safe to share it with you?

    Absolutely. We use your IRD number in our secure software to validate your details with ACC for the duration of the review, and act on your behalf when we need to. We will not share your information with any other party.

  • I’m waiting to hear back on a medical claim from ACC, can you help?

    ACCelerate doesn’t deal with the claims side of ACC, we just help businesses with invoicing needs. If you’re waiting to hear back from ACC about a claim, please get in touch with them directly.

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• If we require any further information from you, we will communicate via email to keep the process efficient
• All personal information is stored securely in a bespoke software system which is two-factor authentication protected. All information we collect from you is subject to strict confidentiality and will never be disclosed to any other parties.
• No review conducted by us will ever result in additional ACC invoicing costs.
• We only ever have access to your ACC invoicing information during our review. We will not have access to claims or any related medical information.

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